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Welcome to this new Photo to Cartoon Effect Photoshop Tutorial CC 2015-21! Through this tutorial, you will learn how to cartoonist photos in Photoshop CC 2015-21 and convert almost any photo into a caricature cartoon effect using some filters and smart objects in photoshop.
After finishing this tutorial, you will be able to drag your picture into the PSD file and turn any photo into a cartoon effect with a couple of clicks!

Tutorial Notes
 First, open the image you want to apply the cartoon effect on.
 Isolate the image, and cut the “head” in a separate layer using the lasso tool.
 After that, make the “head” larger and connect it with the body using the liquify filter and with the help of layer masks
 Add a solid color below that isolated layers and convert all layers to a smart object.
 Apply some filters on the final image such as Oil paint filter, filter gallery, unsharp mask filter…etc
 Then add some details using the Poster edges filters and Pin Light & overlay blend modes.
 Finally, apply some adjustment layers and add a high pass layer at the very top!
ᐒ Once you finish the PSD file, you can open any smart object and drag a new image in there, then press CTRL+S to update the effect completely!

Video Tutorial
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Tutorial Assets

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